5 solutions to relieve tinnitus

Parasitic noise is not a fatality. Certain techniques can help to reduce them and calm the anxiety they cause.

5 solutions to relieve tinnitus

  • Solution #1: Music and white noise
  • Solution #2: Hearing aid
  • Solution #3: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Solution #4: Medication
  • Solution n°5: Alternative routes

If you suffer from tinnitus, a hearing disorder characterized by stray noises that don’t come from the outside, don’t throw in the towel. There are a few ways to relieve your discomfort. First step: check that it is not a symptom of another illness such as an ear infection, blood flow problems or even tooth problems. These causes can be treated and the noises will automatically disappear. Otherwise, here are a few ideas to help you live better every day:

Solution #1: Music and white noise

To alleviate the discomfort of tinnitus, the diffusion of white noise, a continuous sound composed of several sound frequencies, can be effective. If you cannot tolerate this type of noise, you can also listen to music, as long as it is instruments and not voices. Without speech, your brain can focus on what it hears in a relaxed way, and there will be less interference noise.

Solution #2: Hearing aid

Even if you think your hearing is perfect, a consultation with an audiologist can help. Hearing loss causes the brain to “overheat” and amplify the sound of tinnitus. By relieving it, you reduce the noise that comes from within. Tinnitus is generally a sign of trauma to the hearing system, the site reminds us. It is therefore essential to protect your ears from excessively violent noises.

Solution n°3: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Often used to fight phobias, CBT can also benefit people who suffer from tinnitus. You will learn breathing and relaxation techniques that can help you overcome anxiety.

Solution #4: Medication

No treatment can make tinnitus go away, but anxiolytics can relax you if the noise becomes too much of an annoyance and keeps you awake. Talk to your doctor, especially if the noises are just beginning and you are experiencing anxiety or even pain.

Solution #5: Alternative ways

Tinnitus is sometimes associated with tension in the neck or jaw. Alternative solutions such as massage by a specialist, or acupuncture, can help relieve these tensions. Make sure your muscles are handled gently, as twisting will only make the problem worse.